2011-January Asin calendar for you

2011-January Asin calendar for you
2011-January Asin calendar for you

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actress Asin gets raped...!!!

Asin was bored of her routine life. She needed some change. That's why she stopped signing any new film for a while. She wanted to spend some time alone to bring change in life. She started to lead her own life for a while. She decided to go for a trip somewhere out of India.

Once she went to a hill station. She saw a beautiful mountain, covered with woods. She went there next day at afternoon. She started to watch the beauty of nature and went deep inside the wood without her knowledge. Suddenly she saw 15/20 men, cutting trees. They were nearly naked and their dirty muscular bodies attracted her. She was watching the movement of those muscles while they worked.

She was processing weather she should leave or stay, when she felt a hand slide up the back of her thigh. She nearly jumped out of her skin! She turned to yell at him, but was caught by the chiseled figure of the very tall dirty black man who stood behind her. "You lost little lady?", he asked in a mischievous tone, lust was in his eyes. "Ah... yeah... I mean no." She stammered.

The man was suddenly speechless. He took some moment to recover. At last he said, "You are Asin. Isn't it?" Relief was in Asin's eyes. She thought this man was her fan and she had nothing to fear from him. She smiled beautifully and said in her usual naughty voice, "You got it right. It’s good old me!" But soon her eyes almost popped out with fear when the man grabbed her hard and said in a furious lusty voice, "All these years, I have only fantasized about fucking you. And today you are in our arms!" He began laughing loudly.

This was the moment when Asin understood that she was in trouble. She tried to run. But the man was strong enough to keep him as she was. She began screaming for help. Without another word, his one hand grabbed the hem of her long one piece dress, while he held her with another hand and he tried to lift it to her neck. But Asin's yelling and resistance made it hard for him. He tried to use both hands, while Asin finally got chance of fleeing. But when she started to run, the dress torn as the hem was in the dirty man's hand. It torn fully, but in spite of that, she couldn't run away and was caught again.

Now she began crying and begging for mercy. But the man didn't let her go. He torn and pulled her dress off and tossed it to the ground, leaving her there in the evening, in nothing but her flower print panties. The man grew lustier to see her not wearing any bra. "Yeah baby." the black man remarked as he grabbed her left breast and began rolling her long nipples in his broad fingers. A shiver went through her body. But she kept resisting.

"Please", she murmured, looking up at him. He reached out his hand in answer and ran it over her breasts. "No, don't," she breathed. The man looked at her blankly and dropped his hand lower, gliding over her belly and resting on her raised pubic mound. Asin felt his fingers squeeze her, tentatively at first, then strongly. "Please, don't! I'll give you money. Please leave me alone," she groaned, but saw no reaction. "No ..." she murmured.

Tears rolled from her eyes and she pleaded as nicely as she could to grow some kindness in him. He was moving his hands on her breasts. She was becoming wet, but still the woman in her made her beg more. Then she felt another pair of hands from behind her, fondling her other breast, and slipping a finger in her ass crack underneath her panties. She could feel the sweat running between her breasts as the two men fondled her and it was making her wet.

She turned her face around and her heart suddenly tried to jump out of her throat as she saw all the guys working in the wood was now surrounding her. She was speechless in shock as she thought of the great danger, waiting for her. She felt a hand on her shoulder and then she was forced onto her knees, where she found herself staring at a huge bulge in the first guy's shorts.

This guy had a big erection and it was throbbing. The man took his hands off, but at the same time, the other man held her by the neck and shoulder and she was unable to move, only could scream and cry. The first man grabbed the thin fabric of his shorts and freed the monster cock. It was almost a foot long and thick. He held it in front of her face and she inhaled his sweaty, musky smell deeply. The second man, who was holding her neck and shoulder, forced her to take the dirty dick into her mouth.
She kept both her lips tightly shut and was resisting hard. But the first man slapped her hard at the cheek and it turned red. She couldn't but put the dirty smelly cock inside her mouth. She could swallow only half of it. He began rocking his hips, fucking her mouth. She felt someone behind her tear her panties off, it hurt her hip a little, but she was getting caught up in the moment. She tried to look back, but she found herself being forced down further on the huge black cock. She felt someone start to lick up her crack, tickling her asshole, and then sliding into her ever dampening pussy as the man in front of her increased his rhythm. She then felt a finger slide into her pussy, finding the way wet, another finger slipped in, when she heard the guy she was blowing say, "Yeah man, fuck the bitch!" She was now excited and she grabbed his muscular ass cheeks, to swallow as much as She could.

The fingers in her pussy were removed and she felt the blunt head of a prick nudge against her pussy. It was not nearly as big as the black guy's, but definitely was more than average. He slid right in with one shove. He began pumping furiously, like there was a time limit. About 45 seconds she heard him grunt, then he stiffened and she felt his come shoot inside of her.

Then he was gone. Pulled out, she tired to turn to look at him, but again, her head was turned back around and his hands guided her back to the rhythm. She then felt another cock slide into her pussy. This guy was a little larger, but didn't last long. She felt another load flood her vagina. She saw a very fat guy walk up from behind the black guy, and pull out his cock, which barely protruded past his pubic mound, he was sweating a lot. She just closed her eyes as she felt another cock slide into her.

This guy was above average, had felt like he knew what he was doing. He and the black guy got a good rhythm between them, one thrusting while the other pulled out. She felt some hot liquid spray onto her back, assuming someone had enjoyed the show, She felt it run down her back, and pool in the hitch of her ass, was now being fingered, as the skilled cocksman in her pussy went to town.

From the crowd, She felt a few pairs of hands squeezing her tits, and rubbing her thighs and feet. The man in her pussy lasted about ten minutes before shouting, and shooting a flood of come up into her. As he pulled out, She felt several spurts land on her feet and calves. It takes all kinds she guessed. Another man took his turn at her pussy and slid in easily. The now three loads of cum provided easy access. Again, she felt a finger probing her ass as she was getting fucked and the huge cock she had been blowing was still rock hard, but had not cum yet, and her jaws were getting tired.

A few minutes of furious pumping, the guy in her pussy came and ground down as he did, causing her first orgasm. She nearly bit down on the cock in her mouth. Finally, the huge cock in her mouth withdrew and moved around behind her, but pulled her around to face him. He lay on his back, holding his giant cock straight up for her. "Sit on this bitch!", he smiled, waving his cock at her. She was now enjoying. She immediately obeyed, straddling him, and lowering her self down to his huge cock head. There was enough cum leaking from her, to make entry a little easier, but she still went slow, as he filled her canal inch by wonderful inch.

"Oh yeah!”, She moaned. She finally looked around as she lowered herself onto this dirty stud and nearly fainted. Almost everyone of those 15/20 men was stroking themselves. She was brought back to the moment by another dirty black man, standing in front of her, holding his narrow brown cock out to her mouth. She leaned forward and licked the head, then ran her nails up his thighs. He exploded all over her mouth and chin. He muttered as he spurted again and again. He moved off, but was replaced by another, as she rocked her hips on the giant cock she was riding. She wanted to concentrate on the pleasure she was getting and didn't want to get it as a rape. But the crowd seemed to have other plans.

The last guy was replaced by a boy who looked to be a teenager. He stuck his slender member into her mouth and she sucked down hard, as she dropped down all the way on the huge black cock. Asin began to suck furiously and was rewarded with his load in about a minute. He grabbed her ears as he shot and she swallowed the first few spurts, and then aimed the rest across her tits. She looked him in the eye and before leaving, he licked her face once.

She began riding the cock in her pussy harder, leaning forward, the black man actually licked the cum from her tits as he began to pound her cunt harder. She then felt someone behind her, fingering her ass again, rubbing some of the cum from her now frothy pussy into the tight opening. She figured what the hell. She leaned forward allowing better access and slowed her pace on the black stud. He slowed too, feeling what was happening. An average sized cock nudged it's way into her ass. She relaxed and rose up, taking the pressure of the giant black cock off of her sphincter muscles and the smaller cock slipped in. She gasped slightly, and then settled in to the feeling.

She tried to turn to see who was now fucking her ass, but another man turned her head back to face his cock, which was in front of her face. She sighed at that dirty fat cock and gobbled it down and then slid backwards on the two cocks. She was impaled on. The black guy finally stiffened and it felt like a fire hose was unleashed. Hot jet after hot jet shot into her and she came again. This caused her ass to tighten, and the cock in her ass came hard too. The feeling of that hot liquid in her bowels, made her shudder again. She felt another blast hit her back from the darkness and she sucked harder.

The guy in her mouth shot off, which again was directed to her tits. Someone squeezed to the front and joined the guy at her tits at shooting on them. She smiled up at them as the guy in her ass slipped out and faded into the crowd. To her amazement, the black guy was not getting soft. She stared down at him and he just smiled, as he reached around and spread her ass cheeks and another man took his turn, sliding into her tight ass.

A third man moved to her mouth and she didn't even look at him as she sucked, her eyes were closed tight as she felt a cock being placed in each hand and she began to stroke. Soon, Asin felt the cock in her mouth spurt and she turned to the cock in her right hand and sucked him as the guy she had been sucking shot his load all over the chest of the black man, she was riding. The new cock didn't last long and she pulled off of him, letting him spurt all over her face. This set off the cock in her ass and another load filled her butt. Another anonymous load spurted across her chest and was forming an interesting river of cum and sweat, which kept getting rubbed in. The players switched like that for about an hour. She actually lost track. Only the black guy remained the same, not giving up her pussy, even though he dumped three loads into it.

She was actually in a sort of foggy haze, as she felt another cock empty itself into her ass. She was suddenly aware the huge cock in her pussy was gone. She looked back, to see him get behind her, that huge cock glistening with their cum. And probably a dozen loads were on her ass and dripping down her back and chest.
He wordlessly slipped that fat cock in and she came again. He rammed Asin hard and fast, like it was going to be his last piece of ass ever. Asin was vaguely aware of a cock being placed in her mouth, but she thought he shot off as soon as her come covered lips brushed across it.

She had no account of how long this man fucked her ass. She was only dimly aware of his fourth load, trickling into her ass as he collapsed on top of her, causing her to fall into the dusty grove as well, panting, and exhausted. Asin fought to stay awake and pushed herself up to her hands and knees and another cock was thrust into her mouth as she did.

She clamped down hard and sucked for all she was worth. He came in a minute. She was too tired to be provocative and just swallowed his whole load. She felt a pair of hands help her to stand, the cum was dripping off of Asin's face and down her body, her hair was crusted with dried cum, as she looked around for her dress. She found it. Crumpled and also soaked in cum. They had been shooting off on it, and wiping themselves after fucking her. She had to laugh. Here She was, the famous film actress Asin, the heart beat of many rich and famous, just been fucked by a group of dirty smelly black men.......

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